For one reason or another lots of people end up with a 360 with an unknown parental lock blocking their full use of
the console. This is a great thing for keeping children away from any potentially harmful adult media but once it's on
time though and apparently Microsoft's tech support on the subject isn't easy to get through to either so here's what
you can do to get around it yourself.

The following instructions come from a forum post by "Exthero" on the xbox-scene.com website and it's been
absolutely proven to work for a lot of folks so many thanks to those guys for providing this solution to the problem.
I've copied it down word-for-word here or if you need to you can click on the link below to go directly to the post

If this fix just won't work for you you'll probably have to contact Microsoft at 1-800-4MY-XBOX  and get them to
give you the correct "code".  This might mean a 45 minute wait on the phone but that's still a lot better than
permanently having to live with a partially disabled console.
I hope this worked for you and thanks again to www.xbox-scene.com and Exthero for posting something so helpful for free. I'd
like to say though if this originally came from someone else I do apologize for the oversight and I'll gladly post the correct credits
if someone let's me know about it. Thanks, Lynn

www.xbox-scene.com forums - "Have you forgotten your parental lock code?"

    Turn off your 360 Unit

    Remove all memory devices

    restart 360 Unit

    go to system blade > Console Settings > System Info


    left trigger, right trigger, x, y, left bumper, right bumper, up, left bumper, left bumper, x.

    This should bring up a menu

    Reset System Settings

    Resetting your system settings
    will return all console settings to
    factory defaults. Do you want to
    reset to factory defaults?

    Yes, reset settings
    No, don't reset settings

    select to reset settings

    your screen should go blank for about 2 seconds

    then the language blade should appear that lists several different languages,

    select your preferred language

    then a blade that says "Xbox 360 Storage Device" should appear

    With the options of,

    Continue without one

    select to Continue without a profile

    Then an Initial Setup Complete screen should appear

    with the options of,

    Family Settings
    High Definition Settings
    Xbox Dashboard

    select Xbox Dashboard

    Now turn the system off, insert the Memory Unit or Hard Drive, and turn the system back on.

    No more Parental Control lock.